About us

Haltija is a Finnish company that provides comprehensive solutions to various support and rehabilitation needs, as well as wellness technology that makes it possible for its customers to lead a full day-to-day life.

A diverse range of clients – good insight into a large variety of customer needs

Almost all Finnish hospital districts as well as aid centres and centres for medical supplies are part of our clientele. We collaborate with and supply to various branches of social care and healthcare, as well as early childhood and special education units. Companies operating in the fields of healthcare, social welfare and rehabilitation along with third sector entities belong to Haltija’s significant and ever expanding clientele. We cooperate extensively with disability organisations and patient associations in aim to develop the industry as a whole.

Our key customers are consumers of aids and rehabilitation and wellness products that are involved in developing individual solutions best suited for their needs together with therapists that have an in-depth understanding of each client’s unique situation. Haltija also provides high-level support and expertise to anyone interested in their health and well-being without any prerequisites for referrals or vouchers.

Haltija is a young enterprise, but our roots are well-established and strong

Our country was in need of a company with solid and versatile expertise in aids, rehabilitation and wellness technology. Haltija was established to respond to this need in 2016, when the leading companies in its field, Orto Botnia Oy Ab, Suomen Proteesipalvelu Oy, Comp-Aid Oy, Bitlips Oy, PT-keskus Oy, RehaMed Oy, Handico Finland Oy, Kuntoväline Oy and Proteesipaja Japro Oy, merged into one. Together, these companies have a combined experience of nearly 150 years in the industry. Officially our name is Haltija Group Oy, but we often abbreviate this to Haltija.

Strong Finnish ownership

Haltija Group Oy’s main shareholder is Sponsor Capital Oy, which is the oldest Finnish private equity investor. Its roots are in the Bank of Finland. Through Sponsor Capital Oy, Haltija is co-owned by Finnish pension insurance companies and thus the development of our operations benefits both current and future Finnish pensioners. The company’s key employees are likewise small shareholders of Haltija.

Responsible business activity and high ethics in industry development

Haltija takes on the responsibility of ensuring that users of medical aids are able to maintain a lifestyle that is as functional and active as each individual desires. We guide, train and share information on the use of medical aids, rehabilitation and wellness technology with both our product users and healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, we are actively involved in the development of our products through our extensive and diverse product-manufacturing network. We work together closely with third sector entities, disability organisations and patient associations thus contributing towards the progress of the entire industry. We also support parasports along with other activities that are important for our customers such as beauty and fitness competitions for wheelchair users.